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Trainer: Sudhir Chekuri

Founder of Candid Studio

We are offering 5 courses

1. Basic Photography

2. Advanced Event Photography

3. Advanced Event Cinematography

4. Photography Business startups

5. Scale up your Photography Business

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About photography workshops

Hi, I am Sudhir Chekuri (Founder of Candid Studio) with an experience of 6 years in baby, event, and wedding photography. I am sharing my knowledge, experience, and scalable photography business model through these workshops.

Languages: English and Telugu
Medium: Offline classroom training and online Zoom classes


1. Is it mandatory to bring a DSLR for the workshop?
Answer: No. However, it is better to bring it to offline workshops to get some practical experience on the topics you learn in the workshop.

3. Registration fee for these workshops?

Answer:  It varies for different workshops. It will displayed on your registration page.

6. Steps to register?
Answer: Fill in your details in the below registration form by selecting the course you are interested in and by completing the payment you can block your seat. You will be redirected to the WhatsApp group to receive the Zoom call class link.

7. Do we get a certificate for completion of the workshop?
Answer: Yes. You will receive a digital certificate for attending our offline or online workshops.

7. Workshop location?

Answer: Online zoom calls or Offline at Madhapur, Hyderabad.

8. For more details?
You can WhatsApp or call at +91 9985323114 or +91 96400 10999 for more details

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