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Sudhir Chekuri


About photography workshops

I m conducting photography workshops ( offline morning at 7 am and online at  evening 7 pm) on 1st Sunday of every month to share my knowledge and experiences to capture amazing candid pictures. 

There are 3 types of workshops:
Workshop 1.0 - Basics of photography,
Audience: Everyone who are interested to learn how to capture good pictures with phone or DSLR.
Topics; Basics about photography, cameras, auto mode and manual mode differences, lens, compositions, phone apps for editing.

Workshop 2.0 - Photography in Manual mode,
Audience: Who are interested to learn technical stuff to capture pictures in manual mode.
Topics: Manual settings -  About cameras, Lighting, ISO, Aperture, Shutter speed, and white balance, lens, composure guidelines

Workshop 3.0 - Understanding photography standards and real-time experiences. Tips to get good photographs in baby, event and wedding photography.
Process to be followed from planning for a shoot to delivery of output including editing process.


1. Workshop timings?

Answer: It will be for 2 hrs.  Online - Offline - morning 7 am to 9 am, evening 7 pm to 9 pm

2. Is it mandatory to bring a DSLR for the workshop?
Answer: No. But better to bring it to offline workshops to get some practical experience on the topics you learn in the workshop.

3. Registration fee for these workshops?

Answer: 750rs is the registration fee for any workshop - Offline or online.

4. Last day for registration is?
Answer: 30th of every month.

5. Is there any extra fee for offline workshops?
Answer: For offline workshops park entry fee - 10rs per person and 250rs for DSLR camera entry.
Offline workshops will be conducted in durgam cheru park (Morning 7 am to 9 am).
Offline workshop location: Durgam cheru park - Hi-Tech city

6. Steps to register?
Answer: Paytm/GPay/Phonepe - 750 rs to 9985323114 (Sudhir Chekuri) and share a screenshot to 8309718730 on WhatsApp to block your seat and get a confirmation msg or meeting link as per the process.

7. Do we get a certificate for completion of the workshop?
Answer: Yes. You will receive a digital certificate for attending our offline or online workshops.

8. For more details?
You can WhatsApp or call at +91 83097 18730 and +91 96400 10999

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Photography workshop in hyderabad by sudhir chekuri