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Mentor: Sudhir Chekuri

Candid Photographer
Founder of Candid Studio & Candid Academy

Sudhir Chekuri, the visionary behind Candid Studio and Candid Academy, is more than a founder—he's a force in the field of photography. With a blend of online courses and practical workshops, Sudhir ignites the passion of aspiring photographers, transforming them into skilled professionals.

He is on a mission to cultivate a new generation of photographers. Through his online courses and hands-on workshops, he empowers individuals to unleash their creativity and master the art of photography.

Enroll now and take the first step towards realizing your photography dreams!

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Transform Your Passion into Stunning Shots with Real-Time practical Photography Courses and workshops!


1. Is it mandatory to bring a DSLR for the workshop?
Answer: No. However, it is better to bring it to offline workshops to get some practical experience on the topics you learn in the workshop.

3. Registration fee for these workshops?

Answer:  Basic - Free, Advanced theory - 499rs, Practical full day - 1999rs, Business Growth - 4999rs

6. Steps to register?
Answer: Whatsapp your details on whatsapp to +91 99985 323 114 or +91 96400 10 999 and ask for upcoming workshop details and do the payment to book your slot.

7. Do we get a certificate for completion of the workshop?
Answer: Yes. You will receive a digital certificate for attending our offline or online workshops.

8. What are the bonuses we receive on joining your workshop?

Answer: Presentation ppt , Guidance about purchasing cameras and other accessories & Access to academy community.

7. Workshop location?

Answer:  Offline at Lilliput land studio - Kondapur Hyderabad.

8. For more details?
You can WhatsApp or call at +91 9985323114 or +91 96400 10999 for more details

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